6 Workout Tips for Women Over 40

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“Look good, feel great” seems to be the mantra for the middle-aged.  At Total Body Affinity, we want to support people of all ages who are trying to better themselves!  Our personal trainers wanted to offer some tips for the best ways to work out.

  1. Strive for Progress. Take each workout one step at a time. Progress looks different for everyone, so keeping that the goal will make you happier and more satisfied with your wellness journey. We love what gym owner Michelle Burmaster says about fitness, “[it] is not a look. It is what you can do. It is your health.” You will be surprised as to how much better you feel when you think about your workout goals in the context of progress!
  2. Challenge Yourself Each Time. Everyone loves a little challenge, right? You can set attainable goals to keep yourself accountable during each workout session. When you meet these individual goals, you’ll feel more motivated and excited for your next session!
  3. Develop a Mind-Muscle Connection. There is nothing more powerful than the mind. Use it to your advantage by putting mind over matter and push yourself a little more each day. Working out isn’t only about using your body, but more it involves using your mind and body together, to create your ideal figure. Visualize the body you want during your workout, and you will reap the benefits!
  4. Plan Your Workout in Advance. Take some time to plan your workouts and have fun with it! Figure out what exercises you enjoy most and add them to your routine. Giving yourself something to look forward means you will be less likely to skip your workouts. Plus, if you have a schedule you will feel less overwhelmed and it will give you a way to hold yourself accountable.  
  5. Keep Cardio to a Minimum. Studies show that muscle burns more calories than fat, so rejoice! You no longer have to chain yourself to the treadmill! If you are looking to slim down, stick to 15-25 minutes of cardio and concentrate on working those muscles! Bodyweight exercises can help you tone your body with having to worry about becoming bulky.
  6. Get Enough Rest Between Workouts. Rest days are the best days! Give your body a well deserved break and relish in the fact that you worked for it. Letting your muscles heal after a workout is just as important as the workout itself. So put down your running shoes, pick up a book, and relax! You’ve earned it! 

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