Chakra Clearing Workshop

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“Feeling a little ….off? Looking to find better balance and more strength in your life?

Restore that balance and strength in your mind, body, and spirit, by clearing your Chakras and ridding the body of toxins with Ashley Vingi of Ascension NXT. Using guided visualization and clearing techniques, Ashley will work with you to harmonize the seven main energy centers in your body while showing you how to get more in-tune with yourself.

This workshop is designed to to start your self exploration journey through the Chakra energy system

In this class you will:

  • Learn about the functions of each Chakra
  • Follow a Guided Meditation for cleansing each of your Chakras
  • Shop Crystals to start your own collection
  • Release obstacles and old patterns to manifest a self-actualized reality!!

Chakras are energy points in the subtle body. When balanced, we feel healthy and strong. When they are weakened or overactive, we experience dis-ease, emotional and physical upset. In this deeply healing workshop, we’ll identify and balance the chakras through breath, guided meditation, visualization, and mantra.Limited space. Pre-Registration is required.

email info@totalbodyaffinity for more information and to reserve your space”

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