International Day of Friendship: Our Story

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bw_4Fueled by a passion for health and wellness, two best-friends-turned-entrepreneurs embarked on an adventure to open a day spa & fitness center in Johnston, RI.

Brooke and Christina couldn’t imagine anything would be better to encourage healing of the mind, body and soul than to combine health and fitness with day spa services. “The ultimate goal of our business is to make people feel better and to help them meet their health and wellness needs,” says Christina during a recent interview. “We will do whatever it takes to ensure that this happens” added Brooke.

The plan for Total Body Affinity was to offer personalized pathways for clients to access services to make them feel good while benefitting their mind, body, and soul. Both Brooke and Christina believe the reward in the business will come from client success and happiness. The success stories have already transformed this risky venture into the most incredible and rewarding journey.

Since the opening of Total Body Affinity in 2013, the small team of 4 now consists of a team of over 20 professionals providing services including skin care, massage, reiki, yoga, guided meditation, and personal training. Even with such success, Brooke and Christina want to focus on growing Total Body Affinity into something so influential, that they will be able to spread their message of self-care to the entire state of Rhode Island.

Brooke and Christina prove that it is possible to be both business partners and friends. As their business grows, so does their friendship. Christina explains, “because we have a strong support system, we are able to push each other through the ups and downs of the business. It’s nice to know that I can count on Brooke and know that when good things happen, I can share them with my best friend.”

Total Body Affinity will be celebrating its fourth birthday in November, along with another year of a friendship that turned into something much more than Brooke and Christina could have ever imagined to be possible.

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