5 Reasons You Should Be Getting Routine Facials

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Facials are known for their luxurious appeal, but did you know there are many benefits for the health and wellness of your skin? Making this treatment a part of your regular skincare routine will give you the results that your at-home skincare products simply can’t offer.


1. Fights Signs of Aging

Getting regular facials slows down the early signs of aging and keeps your skin glowing. The treatment infuses your skin cells with antioxidants and other key nutrients that promote collagen production. The treated skin cells replace themselves every 4 weeks, therefore promoting younger and healthier skin

2. Exfoliates

Facials exfoliate on a deeper level than a over-the-counter products, which allows the serums and moisturizers to penetrate your skin for better results. After the deep exfoliation, your normal skincare products will be more effective, giving you more results for your money!

3. Deep Cleans Pores

Facials allow estheticians to properly deep clean your pores to remove oil and impurities. Even for those who aren’t acne prone, routine deep cleaning your pores is very important. This can help you maintain clear skin while avoiding scarring or future acne.  

4. Prevents Skin Problems

Routine facials help prevent problems like dry patches, breakouts, and skin oiliness. Our skin naturally goes through a rebirthing cycle every 4 weeks, but as we age, the process begins to slow down. Getting rid of dead skin encourages new skin to emerge, keeping the a smooth texture and even appearance. It will also help lessen the appearance of dark spots and discoloration.

5. Relaxes

A facial is one of the most relaxing skincare treatments. Every month you can look forward to taking a one hour mini-vacation while being pampered by an experienced and licensed esthetician. It helps you let go of everyday stresses and spend an hour focusing on your health and happiness. Between the soothing ingredients, calming music, and the sights and sounds of the spa, a facial will transport you to a relaxation like no other.

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