Top 3 Reasons Men Should Have Spa Days

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It’s 2017 – a day at the spa isn’t just for women anymore! More men are taking the time to schedule spa days. At Total Body Affinity, we love to hear that men are realizing that skincare is important! Unfortunately, there are a lot of men who need convincing. Here are our top 3 reasons men should be visiting the spa.

1: There are specific spa treatments designed just for men. At TBA, we have an entire menu designed For Him. Since men and women have different challenges with skincare, we crafted these treatments to target the problem areas that matter most to them. They aren’t frilly and feminine, either! If you don’t believe us, see it for yourself during your appointment!

2: Men need stress relief as well for their physical and mental health. After all, looking and feeling your best is just as important for men!

“I had the best pedicure at Total Body Affinity. The staff was very friendly and created a welcoming atmosphere. My pedicure was relaxing from start to finish – and I never felt rushed! If you have never had a pedicure I would highly recommend one from TBA. ” -Brian D.

3: Men can improve their athletic performance with a regular massage. Whether he plays pick-up basketball with his friends to de-stress after work or if his job requires strenuous activity, his muscles need a break! He will feel better, which in turn, allows him to work and play better! TBA offers many different massages to target the areas where he holds his stress in order to make him feel like a completely new man.

Any man who has spent a day at the spa can testify to the benefits that it brings! After all, who wouldn’t want to feel more relaxed and ready to take on the world?

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